No, this post is not about a new dance craze in Far North Queensland!

I now have 3 drawings ‘on the go’, as I often had when back home in my studio. I shall give updates about drawings 1 and 3 over the next few weeks.

Today I’m featuring the ‘block-out’ stage of drawing 2, a single rock, only centimetres across in size. It’s small and quite insignificant as a landscape object.

Take the time to look at such small objects and you’ll be fascinated  at what you will see. This particular rock contains a superb abstract pattern that I just had to draw. The ‘face’ of this rock would look magnificent if enlarged onto a huge canvas.

A lot of my rock drawings are highly detailed.

It’s nice to look at a single object for a change. Funny, the more I look, the more detail I see!


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2 Responses to TROPICAL ROCK

  1. April says:

    I think the more you look at anything, the more you see 🙂
    Lovely detail, and having done so much tin foil I can really appreciate how much small work you have given your attention to in this lovely wip.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks, April. You’re right on what we can see if we look hard enough. I suppose the problem that artists have is knowing how much detail is required in their work. There are times when we can show too much or too little.

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