Not long ago I visited the Babinda District Arts & Crafts Co-Op in beautiful downtown Babinda, just 44 kms from Cairns. I love this little town. It has a charm of its own and is well worth a visit. It also has a terrific bakery and Australia’s best scrapbooking shop,, an excellent information centre as well as a range of other shops and businesses.

Artists’ Co-operatives are an excellent means of viewing the creative talents of the local community. Not only do they offer the local artists and crafts people a chance to display and sell their work, but they also give support and encouragement. They are staffed by a dedicated group of people, often artists or crafts people themselves.

The Babinda Co-op is a good example of a supportive community. There’s a lot of pride evident inside as you walk around and view all the work on display. The work is beautifully arranged and there’s a real sense of ‘joy’ pervading the room.

Now in its 13th year, the Co-op is brimming with a vast range of art and craft items. If you can, you should pay a visit.

If you’re wondering why Babinda is called “The Umbrella Town’, it’s due to the fact that it’s Australia’s wettest place.

Last year it recorded 6899.4 mm of rain (amazing!!), but as you can see, it was a lovely, sunny day when we visited!

Friday: A progress report on drawing number 3.



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  1. Margaux says:

    What an interesting, colourful and crafty outlet! Loved the interesting character that Val is chatting up on the bench outside! Is he stuffed or real?

    • artkleko says:

      The lady Margaux, is not Val and the lovely, old gentleman residing on the seat is very much alive! A good try!
      Babinda does have a great craft shop/gallery.

  2. Margaux says:

    That’s really good news Richard – I was worried about the crutches!

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