Number 3 drawing is underway. The 3 drawings I am currently working on a quite different from each other. I find working this way is actually more productive than seeing each drawing through, one at a time. I will choose one of the drawings to work on depending on what mood I’m in. Some days I may even work on all three.

Today’s drawing will feature both rocks from Far North Queensland (tropical) and some from Tasmania (temperate). I thought that this approach would provide an interesting contrast of subject matter.

This drawing  (40 x 60 cm) will be in vertical format, something I haven’t done with rock subjects for some time. On this occasion I have decided to draw one whole rock at a time, although I will have to ‘tweek’ the shadows and light when I have added all the required rocks. This method is fine as long as you know what colours you are going to add.

Monday: Another update, this time featuring all 3 drawings I am currently working on.



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  1. April says:

    Great progress on this one. The bottom rock looks very photorealistic and almost digital. I think you’re right. To have two or three pieces on the go at the same time can be more productive than seeing one piece through.

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