I currently have 3 drawings ‘on the go’ and lately I’ve managed to advance each of them, but there is still a fair bit to do, especially on the bottom drawing.

I enjoy this type of variety in my work, especially considering the situation I find myself in, that being 3,000 kms from home and residing in the tropics for 12 months. There is still a lot to see and I hope that during my time here I will be able to visit a broad range of areas from rainforest and savannah woodland to beaches and coral reefs.

I am planning on buying a waterproof digital camera for my snorkelling adventures on the Great barrier Reef.

I’m also keen to collect more rocks, in particular those that differ from my current collection. I also want to visit and photograph more rainforest floors.

It’s fun being a tourist and collecting ideas for one’s artwork!

On Saturday, Val and I returned after a 3 day trip to Chillagoe, about 20 klm to the west of Cairns. This area is famous for its caves, rock formations, mining and its smelters that operated from 1901-1943. I took about 350 photos and I’ll feature some on my photoblog over the next week or two.

This trip has given me some ideas for drawings featuring subjects both above and below ground.


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2 Responses to 3 DRAWINGS WIP

  1. Edna says:

    Richard, I can see the heat coming off those stones in your drawings. We could do with a few hot rocks here at the moment. Brrrr……

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