I haven’t come across as many hillsides here in Far North Queensland than I ‘m used to back home in Tasmania.

I did see some interesting examples approaching Chillagoe last week and I’ve several photos that I will use in a major work that I have planned.

Hillsides are quite fascinating in that they often have a ‘presence’ in the landscape that makes them stand out. Many have a character of their own.

This type of landscape subject can be interpreted in both realistic and semi-abstract painting without any loss of ‘meaning’. By that I mean that the subject’s identity isn’t lost as a result of depicting it in parts rather than a whole.

Today, I have featured 4 different ways of interpreting hillsides. The top one is an acrylic painting, while the rest are in coloured pencil. I find working on such subjects in a semi-abstract way lends itself to more imaginative compositions. My ‘Salamanca’ series last year really fired my imagination and I thoroughly enjoyed that experience.

Tomorrow,  we are off to stay at Cape Tribulation for 3 nights. Known as the place where ‘the rainforest meets the sea’, I’m looking forward to photographing the area, in particular the rainforest floors and what I come across along the beaches. I’ve stayed there before, but that was 20 years ago. I had a day trip in 2005, and I’m interested to see how much the area has changed. I don’t expect to see as many rocks as I have seen lately!



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