The second of 3 drawings that I have been working on of late is finally gaining some momentum.

Being only a few centimetres in size, it hasn’t been as straight forward as one may think. Fortunately I have both a photo and the original to work with.

I’m more interested in the pattern on the rock’s face than anything else, although I admit that the three-dimensional qualities of the drawing certainly enhance the abstract patterns.

This drawing has re-enforced my respect for EVERY rock that I draw. Know your subject really well and you have every chance of being successful when painting them.


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2 Responses to THE ROCK

  1. April says:

    Hooray, I can comment. Thank you.
    I do like this one Richard….and very true what you say about respecting every rock….I have a seascape with a third to do as rocks and stones (u know, my usual seascapes) so I’ll try to bear that in mind when I am shouting a few choice words at the rocks I have to paint!

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