All artists at some stage in their career need to face challenges in order to ‘grow’. It’s no use churning out the same work year after year for the ‘holy dollar’, as it will only realise the mundane and ordinary.

Some of the challenges can be:

  1. Changing subject matter, medium, or technique.
  2. Joining an art group.
  3. Exhibiting your work with a group.
  4. Holding a solo exhibition.
  5. Entering an art prize.
  6. Demonstrating in public.
  7. Participating in an art workshop.
  8. Have your own website.
  9. Have your own regular blog site.
Join and actively support art groups on the Internet.
I have experienced all of the above and feel richer and more self-confident for the experience. It hasn’t been a totally ‘wonderful’ time for me, with several low points on the way. The main thing is that one needs to leave their ‘comfort zone’ now and then in order to see the ‘outside world’.

I have decided to enter another art prize while I am 3,000 km from my studio. I’m not sure which prize I will enter as it depends upon how the drawing I have started. I want to enter either next year’s Glover Prize or this year’s Dobell Prize. I feel that this particular drawing could qualify for entry to either prize. I will not post any photos of this drawing as a sign of respect for both of the art prizes, but I will discuss the drawing’s contents and philosophy in future posts.

Entering art prizes is a serious undertaking, one that should never be taken lightly. Artists are judged on the work they show in such events not only by the official judges, but also by the public.

You are only as good as your latest painting.

To enter such a prize one must:

Carefully read the conditions of entry.

  1. Undertake sufficient research to select an idea that is sophisticated and challenging, something that is special and unique. Whatever you do, don’t settle for something ‘ordinary’.
  2. Choose the appropriate medium for your particular idea.
  3. Be prepared to step out of your ‘comfort zone’.
  4. Start composing your artist’s statement NOW before you even begin the actual painting.
  5. Take particular care when thinking how this work will be presented to the judges. If framed, why not something unusual? Whatever you choose, make sure it does justice to your work.
  7. If posting your entry, ensure it is well packed.
  8. Your entry should be the best work you’ve ever done!
Today’s featured artwork ‘Salamanca Landscape’, was my entry for this year’s Glover Prize, but it didn’t make the final. Although it seems quite abstract, this is a highly detailed symbolic work that I laboured over for some months. I intend to exhibit it in Tasmania next year.
Wednesday: I shall talk about my latest drawing that I hope when finished, will be good enough to enter in an art prize.

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