I had some good news over the weekend in that 2 of my drawings had been featured on Redbubble.

It’s great to have one’s work recognised on such a prestigious site.

I was so pleased when talented Irish artist, April Jarocka recently joined Redbubble. She has already been featured on numerous occasions, and rightly so.

My Redbubble link can be found down the right hand side of this page.

TOP: Salamanca 3.

BOTTOM: Coastal Rocks.



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  1. April says:

    Well deserved if I must say.
    And thanks Richard, for the mention. Just been featured another four times in the last two days….
    You can also win money in challenges and I was supported with enough votes from fellow artists to win a $20RB Voucher which I spent on cards.

    (Ps….I am British lol)

  2. Gillian says:

    Another Brit here who’s just joined RB in the last few days. I’m not expecting much from it and I have to say that I find it quite a tricky site in which to find my way around – quite complex!

    Congrats on being featured – absolutely well deserved. I hope sales will soon follow! x

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks, Gillian and I’m glad that you’ve joined Redbubble. I recommend the larger size greeting cards, if you want to sell some of your lovely artwork. They are superbly printed and look great. I have no trouble selling my cards locally.
      Good luck!
      Warmest regards, Richard x

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