I am very interested in weathering and mark-making, both natural and man-made. Throughout Far North Queensland I have found many examples that have fascinated me and given me ideas for future artworks. I will share one particular experience I had while at the Daintree (last week) in a future post.

The drawing that I have commenced that I hope will be successful enough to enter in either the Dobell Prize or the Glover Prize concerns the pattern on a rock that I came across a few years ago near Sisters Beach in Northwest Tasmania. It’s not just the pattern that drew my attention, but the symbolism of the distinct markings. It was like staring at a ‘landscape tattoo’ that had been crafted by both man and Nature. The colour palette is quite simple, and I have included it today. What you won’t see is the way the markings are laid out. There are elements of abstraction and realism that are combined in such a way as to reveal both an ancient landscape and man’s attempt to cultivate and ‘tame’ the land. It’s rather beautiful to just stare and look at what is a highly complex image.

The journey has begun!


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