A few things have happened lately that I wish to share with you.

1. I’ve been asked to write for a new quarterly Australian Drawing magazine. I haven’t had the time yet to write my first article (drawing with a biro), but I hope to tackle this soon and make the second edition.

2. I now have sufficient numbers to enable my coloured pencil class to run as part of this year’s Cairns ARTescape  on July 18-22.

3. I have confirmed an exhibition with The Providore Mill & Gallery ( in Launceston. Rocking On will be open on March 3, 2013 and conclude on April 5. I am really looking forward to what will be my biggest exhibition since 1996. This collection of coloured pencil work (maybe other mediums as well) will feature rocks via realism, symbolism and abstraction.

Today’s featured image is a perfect candidate for oil pastels or oil paints. I took this photo at Cow Bay Beach in the Daintree and I love the ‘buttery’ feel that the water has caused, flowing over the objects in the sand. This is a perfect candidate for Ester Roi’s Icarus Drawing Board, more so than for the images that I posted on Friday. I’m certainly enjoying collecting images during this extended holiday.


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10 Responses to GOOD NEWS!

  1. Harry Kent says:

    Congrats on The Providore Mill exhibition, Richard. AND the Aus Drawing magazine writing. AND the Cairns group getting up. Sounds like youre flat out and doing wonderful things. Best wishes for all these projects.

  2. Congratulations on writing for the magazine and for the exhibit! The photo of the stones is going to make a wonderful piece of artwork.

  3. April says:

    Oh this is FANTASTIC news Richard!!!
    You couldn’t have wished for more. I would have loved to have attended that exhibition, but I wish you all the best (love the title!!!) Your students will benefit greatly from having you as their tutor, and good luck with the article.
    I am trying to organise an exhibition in UK but maybe looking into the next year is the key….

  4. Gillian says:

    You are certainly living life to the full up there in Cairns, Richard. You put the rest of us to shame with your output and your new directions. Congratulations.

    May I ask – I’d like to feature your blog as my Blog of the Month for July, and I’d like your permission to grab a couple of your art images to illustrate the post. is that ok? You’re welcome to email me if you have any questions. x

    • artkleko says:

      Thank you Gillian, you are very kind. I think the warmer Winter weather has a lot to do with my efforts up here in Far North Queensland. At around 26c each day, why wouldn’t one be inspired!
      I would be honoured to be featured on your wonderful blog next month. Thank you for asking!
      R xx

  5. Gillian says:

    Thanks. I may be a bit late posting the feature as we’re away for a few days next week, but I may try out post-dating it and see what happens!

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