Most of my art is calculated and planned to the extent that it doesn’t allow for any change of direction. There are times however, when I ‘play’ with ideas just to see what happens.

Last Friday week we visited the Daintree Discovery Centre where I photographed two Jungle Perch in separate fish tanks. I decided to have some fun with two of the photos as you can see.

The colours aren’t ‘correct’, but both images have interesting features that make them a little different from what one normally sees.

I need to apply this method to my coloured pencil work now and then.

Wednesday: What is the opposite of ‘artist’s block’?


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4 Responses to DIGITAL FUN

  1. Nice digital imaging indeed. I am a digital artist as well, please stop by my blog and check out my work. Subscribe if you like to keep in touch


  2. I like these Richard. As a lover of anything “water” they appeal. Your site continues to be fantastic. Entertaining ands informative.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks, Evelyn. I must admit that I do enjoy this type of work and I’m seriously considering creating a digital art blog. I’m certainly getting enough inspiration up here in FNQ!
      Regards, Richard

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