Chillagoe is situated about 200 klms west of Cairns. It’s famous for its limestone caves, mining, unique landscape and its smelters. The latter is no longer working but its remains make for great photography and inspiration for artists.

Today’s featured drawing is of a section of slag from the carpark. I find this type of rock grouping quite fascinating.

At first glance these rocks may look the same, but they’re not, as you will see as this drawing develops.

There’s a lot of detail to be added, but I’m enjoying this drawing which is 60 x 40 cm.

I have an idea for a very large drawing that will feature these  rocks (and more), but the composition will be full of symbols. It’s too large to start while I’m away from my studio in Tasmania, but I will detail my idea in my sketch book and put it on my ‘to-do list’.

You may notice that I didn’t start this drawing from the left, as I normally do. I must admit that I was keen to focus on a particular group of rocks that are right of centre to get my composition in proportion as there were so many rocks to draw. I was careful so as not to smudge my work.

An update tomorrow.



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6 Responses to CHILLAGOE SLAG

  1. Jacquie says:

    This is going to be good. I just wish we could get close ups of some of your work.

  2. Hi Richard, your concept is very interesting. Look forward to seeing the drawing develop. What surface are you using? The background color seems perfect.

  3. Nameit / Carmen says:

    Me too, I would love close-ups, details about the material you use. It’s so good, I am amazed you can achieve this with colour pencils.

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