Last week Jacquie asked if she could see some close-up views of my drawing of Rocks from Cow Bay. It’s far from finished, but this a good time for a closer look.

I don’t believe in pure photographic drawing where every mark is perfect. That’s imitation and imitation is not art, it’s craft!!

One must portray their art in their own words, ie. their own particular style.

Art is rarely supposed to be seen up close, with the exception of miniatures.

You will see by the areas I have included that all is not smooth and even. When completed this drawing will have imperfections, and so it should. If I can convince you that when finished this drawing is of rocks, then I’ve done my job. After all, art is an illusion.



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4 Responses to NAKED ROCKS

  1. Jacquie says:

    Wow thanks for these. I don’t see any imperfections here. I agree with your comments about viewing art from a distance. You definately convinced me that these are rocks. Very nice. I’m watching and learning.

  2. Gillian says:

    Richard, thanks for posting a closer view. I think its good to see the pencil strokes – we all want to see how a master ‘constructs’! Beautiful colours and great depth to this piece too. x

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