I have decided to draw 3 versions of my Chillagoe Landscape, one in French greys, a second (pictured) in cool greys and a third in warm greys.

The drawings may at first glance appear the same, but I can assure you that they’re not.

The reason for this decision is that next year I’m aiming to produce a very large symbolic drawing that features these rocks, but I’m not sure which of the grey ‘families’ would look best and be the most appropriate considering what the drawing will be about.

This is part of the research that one needs to do to ‘get it right’.

When all 3 are finished I shall post them together and ask you to decide which one you prefer.

This week I’m at the annual Cairns ARTescape as a tutor and I’ll post a report next week.

Next Monday I’ll post a photo of the completed drawing.

Wednesday and Friday: Something different


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2 Responses to CHILLAGOE SLAG 2.

  1. Shannon says:

    Looking good, Dadd-o!

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