Positive (objects) and negative (space), or ‘silhouettes’ as they are sometimes referred as, make for interesting drawings, particularly in heavy graphite pencil or pen.

I love the strong contrasts and the two-dimensional look of such artwork. There is often the ‘illusion’ of three-dimensional form, that if rendered correctly makes for great viewing.

I have included some examples with an ‘inverted’ view. Which do you prefer?

Monday: An update of a second drawing of rocks from Chillagoe.


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4 Responses to POSITIVE & NEGATIVE

  1. Gillian says:

    Interesting – oddly enough I prefer the inverted images, maybe because they lose their identity and become more like patterns?

  2. Tomas says:

    I like the POSITIVE & NEGATIVE. The drawings as if cry for the need of identification and thus help to discover the true self – awake to metaphors and thus the black & white blossoms out with just incredible palette – I rejoiced over the fairy colors and thank for the help to hear the inner self. These works illuminate the daily path and guard from stumbling on self-satisfaction.
    Best wishes from Tomas Karkalas

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