ARTescape Part 5.

Magda’s coloured pencil Jungle Perch, is a feast of detail and action.

This wonderful drawing was certainly one of the highlight’s of my class at the recent Cairns ARTescape.

I love the mystery in this work. There’s so much to see and so many layers of shapes and colours to work through.

One can feel the ‘feeding frenzy’ that’s taking place as the fish compete for the bread as it sinks down into the green depths.

This is a masterful work that richly deserves a host of accolades.

More on my recent workshop on Friday.

Tomorrow: Tropical rocks.


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5 Responses to ARTescape Part 5.

  1. Lorraine McNeair says:

    Love this painting Richard – congratulations to Magda – would love to have this hanging on my wall. Looks as though you are finding lots of talent up North Richard.

  2. Jacquie says:

    This is amazing..I feel the movement. Wonderful job. Aren’t you lucky to be around such talented people.

  3. Magda says:

    Thank you Lorraine & Jacquie for your encouraging words. Without Richard’s knowledge and teaching power there is no way I would have tackled such a job. Now I’m pulling at the bit to do more. Magda

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