My 3 Chillagoe landscapes are finished and now I need to make a decision in regards to which group of greys I will use in a much larger work I have planned for next year.

But why make this decision now?

The reason why I’m doing this now is because the idea is ‘fresh’ and by carefully detailing all my thoughts into my visual diary I will be able to tackle a much larger piece when the time and circumstance is right.

The image I want to create will feature a huge hillside with a series of relevant symbols.

On top of the hill will be 2 old telegraph (not hydro) poles and a dead tree. I will have a section of sky in the background that will have symbols in the clouds. Their will also be symbols ‘buried’ amongst the slag. These symbols will have historical as well as cultural meanings.

Which one do you prefer? At this point in time I’m favouring the top (French grey) one.

This planned artwork will be 120 x 80 cm, and it will be a challenge.

Monday: Back to Cow Bay.



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  1. Jackie says:

    I love them all but if I had to choose it would be the French greys.

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