Tropical Rocks

60 x 40 cm   Prismacolor pencils on Sepia Canson pastel board

This drawing features an assortment of rocks from my travels in Far North Queensland.

I love the abstract parts of this drawing as they bring a distinct character to the overall look.

For my next drawing I have taken a different path and I’m aiming to produce my first symbolic self-portrait.  I will post a progress report on Wednesday.



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6 Responses to ROCKS FROM THE TROPICS 2.

  1. Edna says:

    Richard your tropical rocks look delicious – like rock candy…..with a tropical touch.

  2. wind says:

    Hello , Richard!
    It is still summer here!
    Soon I will go in Greece again, in that island, Thassos!
    I came here to say again to you that this drawings with rocks amazed me from the beginning!
    My best regards from Romania!

    • artkleko says:

      Lovely hearing from you , Daliana, and thank you for your remarks.
      I hope your time in Thassos is rewarding for you and that you take many wonderful photos.
      Regards from Australia!

  3. I love the colors and the patterns. You have a unique way of abstracting the rocks which is fascinating!

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