Stranger on a Tropical Shore

Prismacolor pencils on Canson Sepia pastel board    60 x 40 cm

I bet this is not what you expected!

Where’s the face?

I’ve been in Far North Queensland for just over 5 months and up until recently it has been a bit of a struggle for me at times. This part of Australia, as beautiful as it is, is far away from my home in Tasmania. I miss my family, my friends and my studio. I don’t however, miss the weather in Tasmania! I have met some wonderful people here, but they’re passers-by. There have been times when Val’s been at work that I have felt quite alone and isolated. But I’m made of stern stuff and I have been brought up to have sufficient self-discipline, motivation and imagination to get me through the tough times. Things are on the improve and I’m really looking forward to Val and I making the journey down the Eastern Australian coastline as we head for ‘home’, starting in November, or thereabouts.

Although I see myself as a ‘rock’ (in the shape of Tasmania), landing on a ‘new’ shore with all the excitement and trepidation of my move above me as detailed in the water hitting the shore, and the promise of adventure in the detail on the sand, I am reminded of ‘I am a Rock‘, by Simon and Garfunkel. If you know the words, then you will know what I mean when I say that I am the opposite of the rock in  last two lines of that song.

You can take the man out of Tasmania, but you’ll never take Tasmania out of the man.

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10 Responses to SELF-PORTRAIT

  1. Ester Roi says:

    Love it! Art tells so much and it doesn’t need words.

  2. Lorraine McNeair says:

    Well, happy to hear that you are returning to Tassie – I did kind of envisage that this trip was a reconnoitre for possible permanent relocation. We Taswegians do not want to lose the presence of our Richard. Richard, if you really want to feel isolated – and I am sure you don’t – travel across from Townsville to the Stuart Highway – camp out at night – that is isolation. Or, go to Western Australia – it seems like another country over there. By the way, I really like this painting.

  3. Edna says:

    Richard, This is such an honest and succinct self portrait statement and message of attachment to home. The tiny ‘Tassie’ sitting in the vastnesses of layered rock says it all.

  4. really liked this post Mr K

  5. Gillian says:

    Firstly Richard – apologies for seeming to have abandoned your lovely blog. My main Vista-driven PC has refused to open any WordPress blog for the last few weeks – an IE9 problem it seems. Fortunately I now have a small Windows 7 driven netbook and voila! I did leave you a message on a recent post of mine but I doubt if you saw it.

    I really like this piece. It has space and simplicity and the way it echoes your story resonates so well. If your 6 month stay in Cairns hasn’t always been good for you I’m sure it will serve to make you appreciate Tasmania even more when you return. Fresh eyes and a happy homecoming will be good for your art – and heart!

    • artkleko says:

      Thank you Gillian, and I’m glad we’re back in touch. ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’, is very true in my situation, but I am enjoying the sights immensely and I must have taken around 4,000 photos already.
      I am enjoying your latest paintings and I think you are developing something quite special.

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