Another example of my latest digital artworks from Etty Bay beach. I have drawn one already and have started a second.

There is no doubt that the Internet has had a huge impact on the social and economic infrastructure of our planet. The amount of business conducted over the ‘net’ is staggering. This has its good and bad points, the latter being people’s reactions to market forces. The stock market is a prime example that has seen huge fluctuations of late. Panic is a human condition that is well and truly alive in the market place!

eBay seems to be the place where one can buy everything and anything. I’ve heard of stories where people have bought ‘bargains’, while some have had the opposite experience.

I’m more concerned with the Internet’s impact on the art market. Is it really worth spending hours every day uploading examples of one’s artwork to sites that promote art to an ‘eager’ public. Have you done this and if so, how much art have you sold? Has it been a worthwhile exercise for you?

I love art blogs because you can see and read what different artists do and think. This is a great way to share ideas and opinions. One can make friends with people all over the world and this is a very positive outcome for bloggers who consistently respond to comments on their blog. Why is it that some bloggers never seem to respond to comments?

Here in Queensland, Australia, I can load an example of my latest artwork on the net and in no time some one can view it on their laptop in Iceland while heading to work on a bus. Isn’t that brilliant!

Let’s be honest, the majority of artists who show their work want to sell it. Some paint for the market and are hell-bent on selling. Those who paint for themselves still sell their work, but remain true to their vocation – they paint from the heart. Their work is individual, unique and special. Bravo to these people!

More on Wednesday.



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  1. Edna Broad says:

    Richard, I think blogs are great to see other people’s art and read about their stories. Some artist friends have sold small craft work ($10 – $100) interstate and overseas through their blogs. My experience of being listed on an art website managed by a Tasmanian online gallery has not been beneficial in any way (no interest shown in about 1 year). This could be for a variety of reasons of course. One of them is that with such a huge amount of artwork being available on the net it makes being seen a lot harder. The more work you have out there in multiple listings gives more chance there is of someone seeing your work.

  2. Tomas says:

    Dear Richard, thank you for the wonderful overview of current art situation. It is the challenging indeed. Yes, the Internet has the large impact, but the main problem is the morality where the market overcomes the heart and wild flowers are withering while the artificial blossom out
    On the other hand, have I the right to comment any? I say so because while having many blogs, I received no one request- sold anything through them (earned nothing) and thus reached the bottom (I can visualize the wondrous lights but can’t embody my dreams because cost for living laugh at my nice intentions) in reality, art by Tomas may be named as a diary of a loser who hide from himself under the musings on …. Question of destiny?

  3. Cathy Holtom says:

    I would agree, selling artwork on internet isn’t easy, most people who look at art blogs or gallery sites are artists themselves. I think the old routes of exhibitions, galleries and word of mouth work better. People prefer to see the art in person before they part with their hard earned money!
    Having said that I think internet has opened up a whole new world for creative people to learn, be inspired and make contact with other like-minded people, which can only be good?

  4. Gillian says:

    What an interesting insight into this wonderful tangled web, Richard. Blogging has been a great educational tool for me and a delightful way to ‘meet’ like-minded people from across the world.

    I was lucky to discover the stock image market back in 2006,firstly to sell my photos, then I taught myself vector illustration when the competition became tougher. In the last year or so I would say that at least half of my stock sales have been of scans of my artwork or digital artwork created on ArtRage software. Apart from when a buyer purchases an extended licence, these images sell for peanuts, but its the old ‘pile ’em high, sell ’em cheap’ scenario.

    That gives me some spending money for art materials etc and, crucially, it gave me confidence in my art. So yes, the internet has reallly changed my life.

    Thank you for your encouraging words after my previous comment. x

  5. Magda says:

    Richard, Hello. I’m fascinated with your Etty Bay Beach. Clever man, surely you’re starting a new craze with mind blowing work like this. Magda

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