There is a strong ‘etching – like’ look to this digital work that I quite like. I am interested in a similar work in graphite pencil.

There are wonderful examples of art on the Internet, but there are also examples of rubbish, usually displaying poor technique and aesthetics. But there are no hard and fast rules about liking art or any that account for taste. If you love a particular painting, then there’s a good chance you will buy it, if you are an art buyer.

Buying art has always been a luxury for most, and these days it seems harder to sell one’s work. There are more artists today than ever before in history and the market is flooded with work from the cheap and nasty to the modern masterpieces.

Accessing an artist’s work on the Internet is very easy, providing that the work is there. Not all artists have a website or show in a reputable gallery. Often the images you see on your computer aren’t a true record of what the painting really looks like. So what does one do when purchasing art on the Internet? It can come down to one taking a chance, or even a risk. One hopes that what one sees, one gets!

Buying art ‘in the flesh’ is still the best way to make your purchase. You get to see the work three-dimensionally, to touch it, hold it and realise its actual size, weight and to see its true colours. This is the ‘safe’ way to buy artwork.

The cost of freighting artwork and its safe arrival to your door has certainly improved over the years, yet it’s not guaranteed to be fool – proof, and it’s not trusted by everyone.

Would you buy artwork unseen? No? Yes? Maybe? If you saw a painting on the Net, would you buy it, assuming that what you saw, you would get?

Are you a gambler or a risk-taker?

Apparently there is so much bought and sold on the Internet that people seem to trust and back their own judgement. Can the same be said for dealing with art this way?

From the point of view of ‘promotion’ of art, the Internet is a clear winner. I just worry about its ‘honesty’.

Regarding art sales, I still have reservations about the Internet. Maybe I’m just too old and old-fashioned in my ways. I like to deal with my customers face-to-face whenever possible.

The Internet can be so impersonal.

More on Friday.


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  1. My preferred way to sell art is even more basic… places like Deloraine Art and Craft Fair (being a Tassie girl) or people coming to my studio. That way I get t see with whom the “babies” I created are going to live. Not that I have ever refused anyone who wanted to buy but money for a sale via a gallery etc never means as much as seeing the purchaser happily walk away with their new prized possession. Those sales I remember.
    I would only consider buying via the internet if I really knew the artist’s work firsthand…. even then I am not sure I would risk it.

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