Where the sea meets the land

I don’t sell any paintings on the Internet. There are probably many reasons why this is. I’m happy with the standard and presentation of my work as well as my subject matter. I don’t paint for the ‘market’ preferring to do ‘my own thing’. I try to be ‘different’ and that has been quite frustrating for me at times. Working in coloured pencils is a handicap, but one that I am happy to bear.

An even bigger handicap is where I live. Tasmania is almost at the bottom of the world and I’m convinced that its distance from the major centres in the Northern Hemisphere, are a deterrent to potential buyers. Once again the issue of ‘trust’ arises. Many people have never heard of Tasmania. No, it’s not in Africa, it’s the southern most  (island) state of Australia!

Marketing oneself is vital if you want people to know who you are. That’s well and good, and the Internet can provide you with the best way to cover a huge area of potential buyers. But who in Europe and America know ‘active’ Australian artists? Do they really care? I doubt it.

Cards and prints are a cheap, affordable way to collect artwork and many sites around the globe offer that service. Now that’s one outlet where I have had sales (not paintings, but cards and T shirt prints). This is fine, but they aren’t my original drawings.

Most of my drawing sales are through galleries or art award exhibitions. I have also sold well through ‘word of mouth’. I enter a lot of art prizes, especially in Tasmania. If one doesn’t win a prize, one can still sell one’s work.

My next major exhibition will be in March 2013. The gallery where I will be showing will no doubt feature my work online, but will anyone buy my work that way?

Time will tell.

Tomorrow: Did you know that I’m a mountain climber?


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  1. Richard, your blog post got me thinking. I don’t often sell originals on the internet either and I live in a busy section of the USA. I am always pondering marketing my work and what are the best ways. I haven’t explored the on-line cards and prints yet because I am busy trying to produce enough work (colored pencil is slow) for galleries and exhibits and teaching some classes to make some income for my studio. Like yours, my sales come mostly from galleries, exhibits and word of mouth. But I can understand it must be more difficult for you in your part of the world, I have to say Tasmania does sound like a place I’d like to visit!

    • artkleko says:

      Thank you Kendra for your valuable comments. Yes, Tasmania is a very special place and it’s well worth a visit. I love your work and I wish you well!

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