Tropical Abstract

Polychromos coloured pencils on white Canson pastel board   60 x 40 cm

My first true, tropical abstract is ready for framing and I found this drawing particularly satisfying to create, so much so that I’ve begun another, quite different one.

As with all of my abstract work, this one is based on the landscape. This time it’s a section of sand and water from Etty Bay, not far from Innisfail in Far North Queensland.

There are 3 distinct layers in this drawing.

Bottom: Fine grains of sand. Top: Fragmented foam floating on water. The middle layer is based on the bubbles one sees where waves break on sand.

The colour palette is deliberately bright, representing the tropical location.

On Monday I will post the first article and photo of my next ‘tropical abstract’.

Tomorrow: An update from my Glover Diary.


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  1. Cathy Holtom says:

    I always look at the bubbles as the waves break on the shore and wonder at how they could portrayed in a painting and I love how you do this in an abstract way. It looks as if drawing the grains of sand could be very therapeutic!

  2. Gillian says:

    This really fizzes – I love the use of colour. I can well imagine that the grains were relaxing to draw. Hope you enjoy your trip back home.

    By the way – I’ve just downloaded Google Chrome and voila! I can see your blog on my Vista PC. Just goes to show what a pain IE9 can be.

    • artkleko says:

      Hi Gillian, thanks for your kind words. Well done to Google Chrome! We’re back in Cairns for about 8 weeks, which includes 7 nights in Darwin. We start our return journey on November 6.
      Tropical regards, Richard.

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