A small detail from panel 1.

ENTRY 1: September 3, 2011
After tossing some ideas about it finally came down to a pair of ideas that were both based on the Tasmanian landscape 9as they must be), but with vastly different meanings. The first idea was centred around mark-making, both natural and man-made. The second looked at the abstract qualities of rocks.
I have made a start with both of my ideas, but after a good deal of thought I’ve decided to go with my first artwork.
Originally I had planned (and produced) an 80 x 60 cm drawing, but there was something not quite right. I now realise that this needs to be a two-part (duplex) work. When finished I will butt both pieces together to form a horizontal panorama.
My first panel (right side) needs additional information and I have commenced that task. ‘New ’colours are being added as they have great importance in the left panel and are needed to give balance to the composition.
Today we are heading back to Cairns for two months and my first task is to complete the right panel and then work on the left panel. I’m aiming to complete both before we commence our drive down the east coast of Australia in early September.
I will explain this drawing more fully in future diary entries.

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2 Responses to MY GLOVER DIARY: Entry 1.

  1. Tomas says:

    I like this very much. The picture talks to me – comforts me and encourages- inspires. All your works show your high mastery and look great aesthetically, yet they have much more – your artworks have something that has nothing in common with the shapes each can see – that’s the spirit which addresses each of us personally. Thus while viewing your pictures I always bow to you – I admire your technique and am grateful for the message I always recognize in the light that blaze from your artworks

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