The next stage in the second of my tropical abstracts sees a completely new development in the top half of my drawing.

This is where the focal point sits. But what is it? Why is is there?

Even abstracts need a focal point, a balanced composition. In other words, they have to make ‘visual sense’.

What will surprise you is how I intend to detail the focal point.

All will be revealed in my next post on Friday.

The second chapter in MY Glover Diary will appear this Saturday.



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  1. Tomas says:

    Your “tropical abstract” caught me at a glimpse – I visualized the Lithuanian reality at once. Your art leads to meeting with oneself no matter where our physical flesh is located. Thank you for that unforgettable journey – for your fabulous pencils. You made my much brighter. Thank you.

    • artkleko says:

      Thank you, Tomas. Art’s uniqueness is its ability to relate to anyone, anywhere. It’s great that artists such as us can share our work with each other, despite the distance between our countries.
      Warmest regards, Richard

  2. Carmen says:

    Hi, my father just told me that you would maybe be interested in another artist, Alan Magee, do you know him? I love your paintings!

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