A symbol is introduced…

I’m still working on my first panel and I’ve spent a deal of time thinking through a number of options.


My biggest issue at present is that there’s too much ‘white’ on the panel. The drawing looks far too ‘graphic’, so I decided to add more colour. I’ve introduced a green (lime peel), because that colour will feature more prominently on the left panel.


I have used black outlines to create more clearly defined shapes, one of which represents outstretched arm, pointing towards the left panel. Its symbolic role will be revealed at a later stage.


To compliment the variety of ‘marks’ that appear on the drawing, I’ve added white, or should I say, left small areas white, for balance.


This coming week I’ll be away in Darwin, which means that there won’t be a diary entry next Saturday. I will post another entry in a fortnight’s time.


Before my next diary entry I intend to start on the second (left hand side) panel that will feature a strong, rural look.

More on Monday.





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4 Responses to MY GLOVER DIARY: Entry 2.

  1. Tomas says:

    I like this already. I see as a landscape as a lying figure on the stony ground here and that symbolism is not forced to the viewer, but comes so peacefully from the talking abstract.
    By the way, my picture bears the similar mood despite all technical differences- shares the same freedom to see

  2. Hi Richard. This is looking really interesting. I love the colours and variation in size of the shapes. The arm adds another dimension and I will look forward to finding what it directs us to on the adjoining panel.

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