We’re off to Darwin tomorrow for 7 nights, so I thought I’d take the opportunity of presenting a series of posts showing some of the ways I have employed the subject of ‘rocks’ in my art.

Today I want to feature the situation where the same image is used for two quite different outcomes.

I can’t remember when I’ve drawn the same subject twice, until the two drawings featured today came along.

The bottom one, Broken Rules, came first and is a religious social comment about the secular society in which I live.

The top one, Quiet Corner, Sisters Beach, is in essence a still-life landscape.

The same image, but with a very different meanings.

Have you ever tried this approach?

More on Wednesday.



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2 Responses to TWO MEANINGS

  1. Gillian says:

    They have a very different look, don’t they, but equally compelling. I have tried different approaches to the same subject and found it an interesting exercise, although my stuff has no ‘meaning’- it’s just WYSIWYG! LOL

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