I don’t draw rocks simply for their beauty and variety. There are many reasons why I favour rocks. One of them is for their abstract qualities.

There are countless examples of abstract-like patterns on rocks. Many of these I find quite inspirational and many of my subjects have found themselves as inspiration for direct abstract pieces.

Never take your subject at face value. Think ‘outside the square’ and you will be rewarded with a whole host of new possibilities.

More on Monday.



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  1. Lorraine McNeair says:

    I just love rocks – never go to the beach without a strong bag – usually the Woolworths green ones – and steal some rocks which appeal to me. Think of me next week Richard – TASART. I will be thinking of last year’s winner and why isn’t he here to share it with us. The Preview Dinner is on 23 September. I will try and remember to tell you who wins.

    • artkleko says:

      All the best for next week Lorraine, I hope TasArt is a great success. I wish I were there. Wait till you see the rocks I photographed in Darwin, they are simply awesome!

  2. Tomas says:

    Totally agree with you : “face value” shifts our focus from the essentials and thus shadows the true light of the artworks.
    Unfortunately the “face values” dominate in modern world – we see lots of slight (shallow/frivolous) art critics. So there is no wonder for the dry feedbacks of people and the threatening reality of focus on the various technicalities but not the message of the creativity.
    Therefore your call to think ‘outside the square’ was the precious. It enabled me to look at your rocks more attentively and thus unlocked the pictures, helped to enjoy your artworks in full. Thank you
    Tomas Karkalas

  3. Ditto for the bull kelp works I am still enjoying.Just completed one in miniature with a face to be found peering out from one of the holes…. really a bit of weed but turned out facish… I didn’t even know “he was hiding in there” until after I finished. Anyway as I was saying it is the quality and diversity of the abstract shapes in bull kelp which keep me enticed. Aren’t Nature’s patterns and shapes wonderful!

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