A still-life is basically a group of objects arranged in a balanced composition.

That being so, many of my drawings that feature rocks can be considered as still-life studies.

Some of my drawings are ‘in situ’, but I also enjoy deliberately arranging rocks in a variety of compositions. Some of these are for symbolic purposes, others because of the variety of shapes, textures and patterns that I find.

Each rock needs to be valued for its uniqueness, whether obvious or subtle.

More on Wednesday.



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6 Responses to ROCKS AS STILL-LIFE

  1. Some more colourful rock designs. Lovely Richard. Have you ever entered them in still life categories in comps. Not everyone in the art word is as divergent in their thinking I find and expect still life to contain at least some traditional vases, pots, gardening implements, jewellery or the like. I think rocks are an excellent still life subject for the reasons you state. They also fit into landscape……. just not the traditional view but for those of us who get enthusiastic about such views they are treasured landscapes in a smaller focus area. Similarly for my seaweed paintings.
    I also think my seaweed paintings fit in the catergory (it seems we must have them) of flora and fauna. I entered one in TASART (only one small entry this year) but my bet is they will scrap it from those categories. If so I find that ironic as I am one in the art world who has so often been told I am too conservative.

    • artkleko says:

      I have entered some of my rock designs as still-life works with several successes, Evelyn. I agree that such subjects as we often both paint are examples of still-life.

  2. Richard, as always I enjoy looking at these new pieces and your next blog entry on the shadows. I think rocks are so fascinating and like the qualities you give to them in your compositions. I am going to try to see Evelyn’s seaweed paintings.

    I may have mentioned this before, I have 2 Australian students currently in my colored pencil class, one from Perth and one who lives closer to your area but I’m not sure where or how close. They are both returning to Australia at the end of the year.I am sending them the link to your blog as I think they will enjoy reading it.

  3. Sabina Brave says:

    I am not an expert in matter of rocks, but for me these ones are simply beautiful 🙂

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