Although two-dimensional, shadows add much interest when employed in artworks.

Shadows over rocks can result in the illusion of three-dimensional form. They can be soft and quite delicate at times.

A close study of shadows reveals that they are rarely ‘black’.

Depending on the angle and intensity of light, shadows can have varying tones of darkness.

Wherever possible, I include shadows in my rocks studies.

More on Friday when I reveal my latest drawing.



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6 Responses to ROCKS AND SHADOWS

  1. Magda says:

    Richard your “Shadows over Rocks ” are absolutely my favourite. You have a workshop this coming Saturday, sorry I’m missing out through a previous engagement. I wish you a wonderful time and please say hello to those I know. Enjoy as you always do, Magda

  2. Gillian says:

    Beautiful studies, Richard. I think shadows can be a real clincher for a successful painting and they’re fun to do as well. x

  3. Phil Davis says:

    As usual, superb work Richard.

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