Chillagoe Orange

Prismacolor Pencils on Canson pastel board    60 x 40cm

Why not flavoured rocks?

In order to keep a theme ‘fresh’, it’s a good idea to try a variation now and then, hence the ‘flavoured rock’ idea. I currently have a ‘lime’ flavour in production.

The original subject comes from a slag heap at the old Chillagoe Smelters.

If you thought it was orange candy would you eat it? Now that you know what it is, do you think differently about this artwork?

Sometimes too much information is simply too much. The more we keep things simple, the easier (and better) things are.

Maybe we should apply that principle to our own lives as well.

There’s no Glover Diary update tomorrow as I’ve started analysing the 756 photos I took on our trip to Darwin. I will have more to say on my trip later, but I can report that the information I gathered has already had a huge impact on my art and I’m going to need some time to take in all I saw and ‘sensed’.

Tomorrow I will be conducting an art class at Mareeba. I will post a report later next week.

 Monday: I will post some examples over the coming weeks of what I saw during my Darwin trip. The first instalment will feature some sensational abstracts.



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  1. jacquie says:

    Your work is just stunning Richard. I’m so impressed with it all. Thank you for posting it.

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