Here are some of the rocks that I photographed near where we stayed in Darwin. Don’t they look superb! I love the colours, but I’m particularly taken with the many shapes that appear on the rocks.

I have so much choice with the photos that I took from this location that I will have to think very carefully about the approach I take.

It’s not simply a case of drawing rocks for  rocks’ sake. I very rarely take this approach. My art is usually planned, precise and there’s a theme or subject at the heart of it.

The problem with gathering such vast amounts of information is that one can have ‘information overload’.

I have decided to process all the 756 photos from my Darwin trip before I decide what to do. I do want to explore some abstract themes as well as studies of groups of rocks, accompanied by some symbolic drawings.

There are 3 more groups of rock photos that are waiting to be reviewed plus a vast range of landscapes. And this is only from one trip!

The good news is that I have plenty of choices, so many in fact that ‘artist’s block’ is well and truly out of the question!

On Friday I will post a report on last Saturday’s art class at Mareeba.


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  1. Lorraine McNeair says:

    Richard, what delicious rocks. They are so ancient-looking, but I suppose they are – wonderful colours, almost volcanic looking. All those lovely colours – reds, oranges, greys.

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