Last Saturday I had the pleasure of conducting an art class at Mareeba to 12 enthusiastic ladies and we were guarded by ‘Fattie Finn’, just in case the visiting tourists who dropped in throughout the day got out of control. But they didn’t and it was a great day!

The aim was to address ‘Artist’s Block’, something that most artists have to deal with at some time in their career.

I had tried this technique before with great success and today’s class certainly rose to the occasion with distinction.

I gave each student a square that featured a section of a tyre mark. They placed this somewhere on their canvas or paper, then drew images and shapes that attached themselves to the square. The square was then removed and a focal point was created in the remaining space. When completed the artwork would have little or no resemblance to its original starting point.

Each student was free to work in whatever medium they preferred. Acrylics, watercolour and coloured pencil were employed with great enthusiasm and diligence.

Today’s images show the early session.

On Monday I will post examples of what happend next.


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