Three weeks have passed since I last spoke about my plans for an entry in next year’s Glover Art Prize. During that time I have moved from Innisfail to Cairns and in between, spent a week in Darwin. Travelling and art practice don’t mix that well. I have done very little drawing in that time, but a lot of ‘looking’ and ‘thinking’.

I have decided to drop my intended entry and focus on the second (of 3) drawings that I commenced several months ago. My current thinking is that this could be an artwork that grabs the attention of the judges. It certainly is different subject-wise, but I will have to ensure that it is technically sound and that its statement truly reflects my intentions.

The subject? Basically it’s bird poo on a very old farm cottage window. Since when did bird crap become a subject for art, you may say? Well, I’m sure that this approach is not new. My job is to make the artwork convincing in its intent.

At 80 x 40 cm, it’s reasonably large, certainly large enough to reveal the view of the landscape I saw. This is no ordinary composition as you would expect. There are wonderful areas of texture, abstraction and image blurring that demand respect and attention.

I see this drawing as a ‘marriage’ between Impressionism and Abstraction. Time will tell if I will  be successful.

Today’s image is only a small part and as you can see, it’s lacking in detail. Layering in coloured pencil takes time and patience, but the rewards are high. More will be revealed next Saturday including the first  draft stages of my ‘artist’s statement’, that will (I hope) give some idea of why I’m doing such a ‘whacky’ subject as my entry for Australia’s richest landscape prize.

Today I am teaching (abstract) art at Atherton and I’ll publish a report later next week.

Monday: More from last weekend’s art class at Mareeba.


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