Last Saturday I had the pleasure of 11 ladies and one gentleman (yay, a male art student!) at Atherton and what a great day it was!

My aim was to explain the merits of abstraction from natural objects and oversee the creation of a series of relevant artworks.

This is never an easy topic to teach, it’s art in a foreign language. I was impressed with the group’s tenacity throughout the day and as you will see in Monday’s post, we were successful!

Everyone had brought natural objects which served as a resource for ideas. These objects were carefully examined and sections were drawn. A composition with a focal point was a necessity and once this had been achieved it was time to decide on art materials and what colour palette should be employed.

After an hour the group had well and truly hit the ‘creative road’!

Time for a cuppa!

Today I have posted some ‘scenes’ from the morning session.

More on Monday.

Tomorrow: Another chapter of My Glover Diary.



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