I am keen to finish my Glover entry this month. Being in the middle of an extended holiday and not having access to my studio, I don’t have everything in my favour, but at least I am determined to get the task done!

I’m at the stage where I can see what is happening and what else needs to happen.

This week I have blocked-out the entire drawing. The original sepia colour of the pastel board has gone. All of the relevant shapes and ‘marks’ are in place.

Now it’s time to add layers of coloured pencil to obtain the appropriate tones and to gives certain parts of the window pane that ‘frosty’ look.

Despite its abstract qualities, there are ‘layers of detail’ that I must pay attention to. There is a lot of character in this subject that I wish to reveal in coloured pencil.

My confidence about this artwork is steadily growing, although I am well aware that it may not get a second glance from the judges. That’s the risk one has to take. I will be happy if I can do as good a job as I possibly can.

There is still so much to do to get it ‘right’.

My artist’s statement is well advanced, as it should to be. It’s sound practice to develop both statement and artwork together as the pair are both highly valued by the Glover judges. This art prize is too important to neglect the value and importance of the artist’s statement.

Monday: The second report on last Saturday’s Atherton art workshop.


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