Friday’s report gave a broad overview of how the students began their ‘abstract journey’. Today’s photos show how the work developed and what was achieved by the end of the afternoon session.

Completing an artwork in the workshop wasn’t mandatory, neither was it expected of everyone. As I stated last Friday, abstraction is a difficult and challenging ‘language’ to grasp. Time and patience will however, be rewarded!

The results were extremely encouraging and I congratulate all who attended for their efforts and enthusiasm.

Wednesday: Another drawing from Chillagoe.



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4 Responses to ATHERTON ART CLASS 2.

  1. Tomas says:

    ‘abstract journey’ is one I would like to participate the most – your students had the unforgettable time. I like the abstracts the most they deal with our emotions and thus to rejoice over the abstract painting is to shift from art paper to one next to you – to understand the real light …

  2. Margaret says:

    I really enjoyed the workshop thanks Richard. Everyone responded well to it and the results speak for themselves. Thanks again

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