I have now completed 6 drawings of slag at the former Chillagoe Smelters, about 200 klms west of Cairns in far North Queensland, Australia.

These drawings may look the same and may at first be ‘boring’ in their repetition of small rock-shapes. But that’s what ‘drew’ me to this subject in the first place.

What we think is mundane, is often far from it!

Look carefully and you will see a great deal of variety.

I was inspired by a coal seam that I saw about 10 years ago in the Ipswich Art Gallery.

This work may see a few more additions, but ultimately I’m aiming to produce a much larger drawing that features a pile of slag, some parts of the surrounding landscape and a number of symbols that reflect on the area’s history.

Tomorrow: My 5th Glover Diary entry.


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  1. Magda says:

    Hi Richard, love the detail and gentleness of your small stones, Divine colours. I could almost smell the minerals. Magda

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