This view of my entry is of the top-left corner.

The morning light is hitting the corner of the window.

Another week has passed and I’m at the stage where I’m adding the finishing touches to my entry for next year’s Glover Prize.

I need to refine my artist’s statement and have written many sentences that need to come together in give an adequate definition of what I’m trying to say with my entry.

In my statement need to consider the age of the window (how the view has changed over time and the seasons), the Easterly view (direction of morning light),  the abstract qualities, marks and stains, and the link between Impressionism and Abstraction.

This drawing is a ‘natural stained-glass’ view of a Tasmanian landscape.


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2 Responses to MY GLOVER DIARY: Update 6.

  1. Looking great Richard. Good luck with the artist;’ statement. I too often find there are so many thoughts, links, purposes and analogies that arise as I work through a major piece that amalgamating them into a concise statement can be a more daunting task than creatig the artwork.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks, Evelyn, and I agree with you regarding the ‘minefield’ that creating an artist’s statement can be. Sometimes we can read too much into our artwork and forget why we created it in the first place!

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