A section towards the middle of my 80 x 60 cm drawing…

This time next week we will leave Cairns and work our way down the Eastern Australian coast. I don’t expect to have much time for any serious artwork, but maybe the break will do me good.

Next week I will send ‘home’ all the drawings (16) I have completed while in Cairns and Innisfail.

My Glover piece is all but done, yay!

A bit of touching-up and I’ll send it to John, my framer in Launceston.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this drawing after a somewhat hesitant start.

I now have to complete the entry details, which I will post later in the year.

I have already started planning an entry for 2013…


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2 Responses to MY GLOVER DIARY : Update 7.

  1. Joan Birkett says:

    Richard ! I see October 29th entry says ” this time next week I will leave Cairns,etc…..” I have been hoping you would have time to call in to say hello etc. to me here in Ingham…??? please let me know if this is on your agenda …..see details below..Joan Birkett

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