Rocks from the Garden of Eden

40 x 60 cm

Prismacolor pencils on Canson pastel board

I grabbed some time on Saturday and completed my latest drawing and my Glover entry for 2012. More about the latter next Saturday.

The rocks from Darwin that I drew have wonderful areas of abstraction and I’m looking forward to producing more when I get home next March.

I am keen to purchase an Icarus Drawing Board from Ester Roi, as I think these rocks would look even better in oil pastel.


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6 Responses to MY LATEST DRAWING

  1. Wonderful colours, shapes & patterns. I stopped off at Penguin beach today to get a few photos for a series of small commission works which will go to Chile. Also picked up a bit of lovely course sand and tiny and broken shells which I like to incorporate onto works on canvas… hangover from childhood when I would fill pockets with sand, pebbles and shells. Anyway the beach pebbles, small rocks at Penguin Beach are beautiful. More colourful than those at Turners Beach. I think perhaps you have helped me to be more aware of these variations..

  2. Gillian says:

    This is so rich – I just love the colours. I wish you success with it. x

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