Are you a doodler? Do you draw on bits of paper when you’re at (boring) meetings, or do you like to ‘push a pen around’ on a piece of paper when you have nothing better to do? I must confess that I like to do ‘little drawings’ now and then in my sketch books or on a writing pad.

When you doodle, what do you draw? It’s more than likely that you will draw something that you are familiar with. At this point in time I am featuring rocks in my artwork, so it’s no wonder that the doodle I am currently drawing is ‘rock inspired’.

My wife Val, said that it looked like rock candy, so that will be its title.

This type of drawing is very relaxed, innocent and light-hearted.

I will post another photo when it’s finished.

Monday: Details about one of my drawings that is featured in a book released last week.



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6 Responses to DOODLING

  1. Your doodles are much more structured than mine. VERY neat. Mine tend to be more free flowing (sounds better than untidy).

  2. Kate says:

    I doodle all of the time. It’s meditative and relieves stress and anxiety for me. I doodle patterns of wheels, swirls, and groovy shapes…. also cartoony people/animal/creatures. Sometimes I name the creatures or let them say something. I like to do Mandala sometimes too. Have you seen “zen tangles?” Google it. Thanks for sharing your rock candy!

  3. Gillian says:

    I can’t imagine anyone who is not a doodler – it’s such a a relaxing thing to do, whether consciously or not. It’s intriguing that your own doodle is still very much a Richard piece! x

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