This is my first idea for my book’s cover. The image is Silence at the Table. I want a flat, black cover. The white outline is purely for presentation purposes on this blog and won’t appear on the actual cover.

Many people at some time in their lives have the desire to write a book. The number of books that have been written and never published is quite staggering, as is the number that have been published.

For several years I’ve wanted to write a book, but the time hasn’t been right. Now that I’m on holiday far from my home, I feel that it’s time to ‘put pen to paper’, so to speak. In this case it will be on my Macbook Pro.

I entertained many ideas and approaches and after quite a deal of research and soul-searching I have decided to write a book about an art theme that has resulted in a number of related artworks over a number of years.

The subject of my theme has been (and currently still is) the historic property Cheshunt, in Tasmania’s Meander Valley.

The title of my book is the title of the theme; it’s what I think Cheshunt is all about.

Thematic work is very important to me and in the book I will discuss why, and explain my ‘love affair’ with Cheshunt.

I haven’t approached this subject with a ‘look and draw’ attitude. All my earlier drawings had an enamel mug somewhere in the composition. My later works do not always contain a mug, but all are about the ‘silence’.

I’m not going to give any more information at this point in time about the book’s content..

I have produced a number of coloured pencil and graphite pencil drawings along with some digital examples from my trips to Cheshunt, with 3 of my drawings gaining art awards. I have 2 to finish next year when I return to Tasmania and several more planned.

There’s a lot to be done, but the journey has begun!

Wednesday: Tasmanian Light.



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