Last Thursday, Val and I intended to spend 3 nights in Mackay, but we both were unimpressed with the layout of the city and its heat, so we headed south for 3 nights at the Sarina Beach Motel. We weren’t disappointed about our accommodation, nor the surroundings.

Sarina Beach is about 14 kms east of Sarina and its peace was just we needed after experiencing ‘Schoolies Week’ at Airlie Beach.

I have always loved beaches since my childhood and find walking on them very therapeutic and at times quite spiritual.

The sounds of waves crashing, the tide as it creeps along the sand, the treasures washed up, one’s feet touching the earth, water on skin, sun and shadows, wind and seagulls as they call to each other. Maybe we should all live near beaches and realise what is really important…

On my travels down the Eastern Australian coast I have taken so many photos that I’ve lost all perspective of what I’ve seen and recorded. My brain is full, but I haven’t lost my enthusiasm to collect images for possible artworks when I return to Tasmania next year.

At low tide, the beach is over 200m wide in places. The sand is warm is covered with indentations left by the powerful movement of the sea.

We took a walk after breakfast one morning as the tide was coming in. I took a series of obligatory photos to record the sights, but I also took the time to collect a number of photos that I thought had the potential to be used in some of my drawings.

The photos that I have posted today are only a handful of what I took, but they should give you an indication of how I think and record.

I’m interested in shadow and light, the bubbles created by waves as they cover objects on the sand, patterns and reflections. I love the abstract qualities of shapes I see in water and I’m pleased that this walk was very productive.

It’s important to take as many photos as you can in such circumstances. Too many photos is often never enough!

I’m not going to all this trouble just to paint from a photograph. I intend to use many of the photos I take to create one painting, or a series.

You might be wondering why I haven’t mentioned collecting objects to take home and draw, as I often do back in Tasmania. Well, as I’m travelling, this is not an option. If I were at home and not in a National Park, I would certainly be collecting as well as photographing. There’s only so much room in our car!

What do you do when you visit places of interest and you want to record your visit for possible artworks?


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