My walks along Sarina Beach were very rewarding. I got some much-needed exercise and I took a lot of photos, some of which have already realised some digital artworks.

The images I have posted today were inspired by two coconuts I found washed up on different beaches in my travels in Far North Queensland. Their husks had been split open and they looked rather interesting. What do you think?

I quite like digital drawing. It’s much easier for me to do than coloured pencil drawing while we are on the move. Besides being a complete change from coloured pencils, it’s also an opportunity for me to explore another art medium.

As I have discussed on this blog before, digital art offers exciting possibilities for artists although I’m I feel that the creation of original work may become a thing of the past if artists fail to recognise the value of an art school education.

As we are spending 4 weeks over Christmas at Hervey Bay, I may get inspired to get my coloured pencils out or open my Macbook Pro and draw.



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  1. Lorraine McNeair says:

    Oh Richard, I would love to do that!

  2. Tomas says:

    Dear Richard, I love the talk of your coloured pencils. The bottom picture touched me the most. It looked like the beautiful abstract, yet factually was the portrait and the story that hides in the landscape picture… I would greatly appreciate your visit to my blog too.

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