In my forthcoming book SILENCE, I detail the creation of my best coloured pencil painting to date, Silence at the Table.

The room that was the subject of the drawing is the ‘pivotal player’ in the book. The door that reveals this room is a fascinating time capsule and one that I took great pains over when creating the drawing in question.

This particular door was covered in graffiti, both man-made and ‘natural’. It’s one of the best examples of ‘mark-making’ that I’ve ever come across and I just had to ensure that I did justice to the door when I drew it.

I have posted some sections of the door for your closer inspection. While the parts  individually mean very little, they tell a different story when viewed in their entirety.

To many this is a realistic drawing, and it is. But I see it as much more. To me, this is just as much an abstract when viewed in parts. All the parts put together make the whole, which happens to be realistically rendered.

When drawing or painting a subject that is old, it’s important to show its real age and condition – its character. This is where abstraction plays a vital role, that of recognising all of the marks and textures that ‘belong’ to anything that is realistic.



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2 Responses to THE DOOR

  1. Tomas says:

    Dear Richard, though I understood that these were the drawings(something on the flat surface of paper, but it was very-very hard to convince myself of such – the viewing of your abstracts throw me into the bottomless space and I experienced much more than just the refreshing breathing. Thank you for the sharing the unforgettable artworks with us

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