Last week I was looking through some of my photos and came across one I took at the Flecker Gardens in Cairns. It featured a collection of leaves and seeds that were (mostly) submerged in a water course.

As I looked into the image I saw some lovely areas of abstraction and I’ve posted them today along with the original photo.

I see these images as large paintings, probably on canvas. They need to be big (180 x 120 cm or larger) as in this case visual impact is required to ‘force’ the viewer to take in all the detail.

There are lots of ‘little’ things going on in each of these images that are crying out for recognition.


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  1. Tomas says:

    These put me under a charm. The artworks talk and do that loudly. I sit in an awe towards the awesome beauty of the colors and the alarming challenge of the abstracts. While looking at lovely shapes of your drawings, I’m pierced with great symbolism of the pictures. You master to put wings to your drawings and thus enable the viewers to overview the world news without any prejudices – through the eyes of true art. God blesses you!

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