Waiting for a grumpy, old fish….


What’s this all about? Why do some artists title their work this way? Surely when you create a piece of artwork you actually know what you’re up to and therefore it deserves to be named! What next?

The Government should put into law that from now on all children are to be named  ‘Untitled’ and see how they like it. “Hello Mr and  Mrs Jones, I’d like you to meet my daughters. This is Untitled and this is Untitled and I have much pleasure introducing my sons Untitled and Untitled”.

I even name many of my possessions. For example, ‘Rocky’ is my car, a Subaru Forester and my trailer is named ‘Bullwinkle’. I couldn’t name them ‘Untitled’ could I?

Labelling your artwork ‘Untiitled’ is a cop-out.

All art means something. If not, why was it created in the first place?

Artists must show respect for what they create. By giving their work a title, they acknowledge its existence and give it the respect it deserves.

Time for another cup of Dilmah tea…


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6 Responses to GRUMPY OLD ARTIST 2.

  1. Tomas says:

    Wonderful post. You vaunted the title so convincingly. It’s presence shows the artist’ consciousness indeed. The title excludes any ambiguity from the canvas.

  2. Wendy Ellen says:

    That is also one of my pet hates, artwork that is untitled, especially when it is an abstract! At least having a title makes the viewer think about it a bit more I feel. I even titled some perfume bottles for one of our guest craft artists at TASART because I felt it was much more interesting in the catalogue. Imagine an exhibiton with all the artwork Untitled in the catalogue!

  3. Hi Richard………..How has it been up North? I imagine it is starting to get a bit hot and steamy now & you might be looking for a bit of cooler Launceston weather?

    Sometimes artists don’t give their work a name because they want the work to stand as it is without further intrusions of meaning via words. I’m OK with that and don’t find it a cop-out. having said that almost everything I do gets a title!

    • artkleko says:

      Hi Susie, great hearing from you and thanks for your comments and I can see where you’re coming from. It certainly is getting hotter up here. We are presently in Gladstone and tomorrow we’re off to Bundaberg for 3 nights then Hervey Bay for 30 until Jan.16. I expect rain and high humidity!

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