This old house got so run down and grumpy, that it fell down and disappeared!


It never ceases to amaze me that when one retires after decades of service, no-one (from your workplace) wants to know you any more. A lot of people my age have worked at one job for most of their lives. It’s different these days, what with people changing jobs each week despite being told about the need for adequate superannuation. Live for today, stuff tomorrow!

I think of all the teaching expertise that is lying idle out there in the community. I know there are mentoring systems in place in some industries, but only on a small scale. Why can’t there be a mentoring system for teachers in both the private and public sector? Yes I know, there’s the matter of personal liability insurance, blah, blah, blah…… why do we always put barriers in front of something that can work and will do a lot of good. Young teachers certainly need help these days.

I never had help when I was a teacher in the days when teaching was a joy, even fun and the students were a pleasure to teach. Mind you, that was before the invention of the mobile phone, computer, iPod, Wii, etc. The more clever we get, the less we know how to ‘properly’ communicate with each other.

Kids grow up too fast and us oldies are left to rust on street corners clutching at our paper coffee cups.

Old teachers aren’t after money, they just want to be valued.

Why then should anyone ever retire?

Time for a Dilmah…



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2 Responses to GRUMPY OLD ARTIST 3.

  1. Edna says:

    Hi Richard, You aren’t alone in your thoughts about the current undervaluation of human resources out there in the community. Reasons, as you say are complex and reflect general changes in cultural thinking. To the young HR Managers (and they are very often young) too much experience can often be regarded now as ‘baggage’ and to be avoided. Usefulness has a five year time span. To stay in the one job now for longer than a couple of years is to lack ambition, proactivity and drive which is quite the reverse to past work ethics where you were considered flightly and feckless if you kept changing jobs too often. But then loyalty is also a rather undervalued trait in our narcissistic ‘me’ society.
    I’m sure your students haven’t forgotten you and your teaching.
    Hope you both have a great Christmas.

    • artkleko says:

      Thank you Edna for your insightful remarks. There should also be more ‘mature-age’ checkout chicks, they know how to pack groceries!
      Merry Christmas to you and Steve!

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