On Tuesday I sought the services of a local JP in Hervey Bay and completed my entry form for this year’s Glover Prize. It’s now in the mail system and I expect it will arrive at Evandale, Tasmania, early next week.

It wasn’t easy completing an entry while I was so far away from my studio, but I persevered and I am pleased with the result. I have had a few phone conversations with John, my framer in Launceston. He has everything in hand and I’m looking forward to seeing the result when I return home in March. If my drawing doesn’t make the final list I shall enter it in another art award.

No, today’s drawing has nothing to do with my Glover entry, but it is associated with my planned entry for next year’s Glover Prize.

The cottage featured is near the historic town of Oatlands in southern Tasmania, and it’s this town that has inspired a large drawing that I wish to undertake not long after I return to Tasmania. I’m not revealing what my theme is except that it’s about convict history and the local landscape.

Saturday: Time for a jigsaw.


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  1. I was deeply impressed by your picture. It just captivated me. At first glimpse, that’s just a landscape, yet it TALKS. The picture is alive – I recognized my own spiritual being here. The picture is full of peace and it shares the healing touch of love which perseveres in being in spite of all we do… Tomas Karkalas bow to you and send best wishes.

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